Trailer Vision™ Vehicle DVR



Our 4 Channel DVR is an excellent edition to our camera systems, especially multi-camera systems and Omni-Vue™


– 4 Channel / Camera Input

– 128GB SSD (secured), equivalent to 500GB HDD = approx 560 hours of ‘high resolution’ recording (Max 1TB SSD)

– Internal 3-axis G-Sensor

– GPS Receiver (external aerial)

– Normal/continual recording, ‘Event’ recording (triggered by shock/impact) 

– 12V-24V operation 

– PC viewing software

– 2 year Warranty

The system includes the following components:

1. DVR.

2. Fixing Bracket.

3. GPS Aerial (external).

4. USB cable (for replay).

5. Cable loom & 4 ‘splitters’ to enable simultaneous recording & monitor display.

6. PC Software (for viewing recordings).

7. IR remote control.