Digi-Lite Solar™




Solar Powered Reversing Camera System for Cars and Vans and Caravans

Digi-Lite™ Solar is a brand new Digital Wireless (DW), Solar Powered, Reversing Camera System. Our system is specifically designed for light vehicles and trailers, including: cars, vans, motor-homes and caravans. It utilises a small camera, which is integrated into the number-plate holder. The camera lens direction/angle can also be adjusted up/down. (It can also be used for hitching). The number plate holder also includes a rechargeable / solar powered battery, meaning that it’s easily installed, within minutes, and no wiring!

Our Monitor can either be mounted on to the vehicles dashboard, air-vent, or windscreen and is powered via a cigarette lighter power adaptor.

How Digi-Lite™ Solar Works

Digi-Lite™ Solar is a 2.4Ghz Digital Wireless (DW) Camera System; images are transmitted from the cameras built-in transmitter (TX) to the monitor’s built-in receiver (RX). DW technology ensures that there is no interference from other wireless devices (Bluetooth etc).

The camera is powered via a built-in rechargeable battery, which is recharged via a built-in solar panel (USB charging point also provided). The monitor is powered via a cigarette lighter power adapter. Switching the monitor on switches the camera on, both power off after 40 seconds, to preserve camera battery life; if required the camera can be turned straight back on.