Omni Vue™ HD 360

Omni Vue™ is an innovative 4 camera ‘look-down’ system, providing operators with a full 360° HD Digital view around the vehicle, eliminating all blind spots 

The easy to interpret display also helps the driver to manoeuvre in difficult situations. Additionally, the driver can select any of the ultra wide-angle cameras to be displayed simultaneously in the 2nd 7″ display ‘window’ (this display can also be triggered automatically, i.e. reverse camera displayed when reversing, or side camera displayed when turning). The system is supplied with a 4 Channel HD Storage device (32GB SD Card included) up to a 128GB SD card can be utilized

The images from 4 ultra wide-angle lens HD Digital cameras are ‘blended’ together and presented in a single ‘birds-eye’ view, which gives the driver excellent situational awareness when maneuvering at low speed, or into difficult locations.

Installation and Calibration

The 4 HD Digital cameras are installed at the front/back and sides of the vehicle, ideally at the mid-points; however, they can be installed in other locations, as the system is then calibrated to the vehicle. All Installations will be carried out from our Workshop in Ennis Co.Clare or alternatively, we can carry out an onsite installation at our customers premises

The standard system includes the following components:

  • 4 ultra wide-angle High Definition Cameras (metal case,) and cables (1 x 5m Cable, 2 x 9m, 1 x 18m)
  • 7″ Monitor
  • ECU
  • HD Digital DVR (32GB SD Card supplied as standard)

Omni Vue Applications:

  • Tippers / Aggregate Transporters / Bulk Transporters /
  • Cement Mixers
  • Refuse vehicles
  • Ambulances / Fire Engines / Emergency Service Vehicles
  • Home Delivery Vehicles / Delivery Vehicles
  • Road sweepers
  • Horseboxes
  • Motorhomes

Omni-Vue Customer Videos