Trailer Vision Ireland launch GMT Connects new Trailer Tracking and Container Tracking Device

Trailer Vision™ Ireland Ltd, official partners with Limerick based company, GMT Connect, launch GMT Connects new Trailer Tracking and Container Tracking Device. This Device is totally unique in the fact that it will run anywhere from 8 months to 3 years on a single charge.

GMT Connect Trailer Tracking Product Info:

  • Track your trailer remotely from any internet connected device
  • Will Track your trailer for up to 8 months without a power source(3 Year battery available)
  • Recharges each time you connect your trailer to a vehicle
  • 3D Accelerometer detects unauthorised movement of the trailer
  • Advanced power management algorithms conserve battery power
  • Highly durable IP65 and IP67 Weather Proof casing
  • Anti-Tamper Alert Mechanism and Panic Button
  • Increase your chances of Trailer recovery from 45% to 90%
  • Low running costs and NO Contract

Add Ons:

Container Tracking

The GMT Trailer Track and lock are easily attached to the container/trailer doors, and, as soon as the device is activated, it provides location, and motion information. This data is transmitted to a remote server via a GSM/GPRS wireless network. GMT Trailer Track includes 3D movement detection which ensures transmission at different rates for moving and stationary containers/trailers. GMT Trailer Track, along with the designated lock, provide a robust solution which is suitable specifically for working environments such as ports and warehouses, where the containers/trailers are likely to be exposed to constant movement and shocks. It is also a way to prevent unwanted Stowaways entering the Container or Storage area of a Trailer in places like Calais.

Container Tracking:  The Challenge
Large industrial companies that deliver valuable cargo using containers and Articulated Trucks, often encounter theft and tampering attempts, leading to significant financial damages. In addition to insuring valuable cargo, monitoring is required along the cargos journey, from the point of origin, such as the port, along the route, and to the point of delivery, the warehouse. Many of these companies employ their own workers at the cargos arrival and departure points, in order to maintain a high level of security. Since containers/trailers are constantly replaced and reused, a more agile tracking and cargo monitoring solution is required

Container Tracking: The Solution
GMT Connect provides a solution to resolve this situation using the GMT Trailer Track along with a designated lock attached to the containers/Truck door. This robust solution is based GMT Trailer Track, a self-powered standalone tracking device which along with the lock, can be installed and removed from a container/truck within approximately a minute, eliminating the need to open the container.
Once the container/trailer arrives at the port, and the GMT Trailer Track and lock are attached to the container/truck, the customer can know exactly where the goods are at any given point, find out if there are any bottlenecks along the way, or if anyone tries to open or tamper with the containers/trailers doors. GMT Trailer Track has an internal charger, which enables it to be used in situations where an intermittent power supply exists. It can be used when permanent or temporary installations are required, where power availability is not continuously available. GMT Connect family of products stand out as a perfect fit for container/trailer tracking solutions with the rechargeable long life battery and remote activation and administration. GMT Trailer Track units can be easily attached to any type of container/trailer.

Container Tracking: The Benefits

  • Almost instant assembly and removal without the need to open the container
  • Can be charged from any source, without removing the unit from the locker
  • An embedded magnetic sensor which detects when the container´s doors are opened or tampered with
  • Accelerometer to sense movement for two purposes:

1. Detect movement in unauthorized times according to cargo delivery schedule.
2. Change the transmitting rate when cargo is in still/movement mode to save battery life. When the container is in still mode transmission is performed twice a day only, unless there are any special events such as tampering or opening of doors.