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Digital Wireless Vehicle Camera Systems

Digi View™

Digi View™ is a cutting-edge Digital Wireless Vehicle Camera System. The system being Digital Wireless, means that it can be used at the same time as Bluetooth devices, or wireless networks, interference free. The 3.5″ colour LCD monitor can be used with up to 4 cameras. If used as a reversing camera system it will automatically switch on when the vehicle is in reverse. The monitor also includes an in-built rechargeable battery, giving maximum flexibility (keep an eye on your horse/load when stopped at the services etc).

Advantages of purchasing Digi View™ for your Truck/Trailer

  • Perfect for Truck and Trailer combination with no need for suzie connectors
  • Quick install with power for the camera taken from Trailer Side/Reversing Lights
  • Easily moveable from Trailer to Trailer to get the maximum benefit out of each Digi View™
  • Camera and Monitor work on both 12/24 volt
  • Interference Free
  • No condensation will appear on camera lens due to our high IP rating on our cameras
  • Battery Pack/Magnetic Mounts available for Camera (Installation will take less than 5 seconds)

The system includes the following components:

  • Digital Wireless Wide Angle Lens Waterproof Camera (with Night Vision).
  • Digital Wireless 3.5 inch Colour LCD Monitor, in black.
  • Windscreen mount for LCD monitor.
  • Dashboard mount for LCD monitor.
  • Camera mount & power cable (12/24V).
  • Vehicle power supply for monitor (cigarette lighter adaptor 12/24V).
  • Av out socket (connect to a TV etc when viewing property/stables, or to a vehicle recorder)







Digi Cam™ installed in a horse box. Camera is powered from the internal lights

Digi Viewâ„¢


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