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Digital Wireless Vehicle Camera Systems

Vehicle Recorder Cam™

Commercial Vehicle Accident Recorder Cam

DR-220 Vehicle Accident Recorder (2nd Optional Camera Available)

– DR-220 is a high quality/commercial specification forward facing ‘accident recorder’, with the following specification:

– Built-In GPS

– Wide Dynamic Range (reacts quickly to bright lights/headlights)

– 2nd Camera input

– Video out (utilise with a Monitor – available separately)

– Built-In 3-axis Shock Sensor

– 30fps (x2)

– AVI (H.264) Compression

– 16GB SD Card (secure) included, utilise with 64GB SD Card (available separately)

– 12V-24V input (max 32V), supplied with a cigarette lighter power adapter – can also be ‘hard-wired’

Internal View on a Coach

Internal View on a Coach


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