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Logan Executive Travel in Ballymena install their first Omni Vue™ 360° Vehicle Camera System on their new Plaxton Coach

Logan Executive Travel who are based in Ballymena, Co. Antrim install the first of  Trailer Visions unique Omni Vue™ 360° System on their first Coach.The System was installed by Trailer Vision Ireland from our premises in Ardee in early January 2015. Omni-Vue™ is an innovative 4 camera "look-down" system, and will provide Logan Executive Travel driver's with a full 360° view around the vehicle, eliminating all blind spots. The System is calibrated by us so that the Driver has an all round 360° view from the Monitor with No Blind Spots guaranteed. The easy to interpret display also helps the driver to manoeuvre in difficult situations. Additionally, the driver can select any of the ultra wide-angle cameras to be displayed...

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